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Corn Snakes, Non Poisonous Snake, Iguanas, Chameleons, Cobras, Lizards, Pythons, Bearded Dragons, Leopard Gecko, Turtles, Spiders, Hermit Crabs

Turtles, tortoises, small snakes & lizards are great low-key pets, no house-training, no barking, no scratching up doors or “accidents” on the carpet to come home to, you especially don’t have to worry about litters of reptiles to prevent. Most reptiles have specific habitat requirements, so if this is your first, research well with local Dingle pet shops before bringing home your pet. Make sure your home is reptile ready and you can find its dietary supplies in Dingle locally.

Dingle ID

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Bloomington - Bloomington breeders (Bear Lake)
Downey - Downey pet's (Bannock)
Bancroft - Bancroft breeders (Caribou)
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